Gratitude – Day 66 of 2013

Well, hello again….

It has been ages since I’ve written here…

Around a week ago, I realized I’m in another cross-road of my life. But for this cross-road, I don’t know what exactly is the next step for me to progress in my life. Despite of the uncertainty that I’m currently facing, I’m grateful for a few things…

I’m grateful that Allah SWT still gives enlightenment in my life whenever I’m facing a brick wall. For this moment, the exit sign needs more effort to find, but at least I’m still enlighten by the situation. Alhamdulillah for that.

I’m grateful that I have the sweetest kids ever. At the time that I don’t feel belonging anywhere, they show me that they really need me. You may be saying, “Yeah, of course, they’re your kids and their in their kiddy years”. That may be true, but the gestures that they give to me recently, was not the usual gesture that show their affection towards me. They gave me something special. Anindya out of the blue made me a very sweet card just saying “I LOVE YOU, MOM”. No matter how simple it is, I know it’s genuinely from her heart and I love and thank her for that. Ammar, in the middle of the night was longing to always be hugged by me, even when I needed to go for a pee, he followed me, held my hand up to the bed and hugged me some more. Those simple gesture really made my week.

I’m grateful that I stumbled into another John Maxwell’s book about “Putting Your Dream to the Test”. It’s an eye opener and gives practical guidelines. Unfortunately, after reading the book and realizing that I am waaaaayyyy behind my life purpose, I’m doubting myself right now and need to get my energy up. But I will wake up soon and do what is needed to live my life purpose. I need to! And I’m grateful I’m fighting my lazy side to still have a positive attitude towards this.

One more thing, I’m grateful that I had the time to visit my parents’ house, after not going there for quite some time (I still meet them often enough, but not at their house). And I feel that joy in their hearts that I came with my kids. I’m grateful I still have them in my life and hopefully they’re proud of me :*)

Not so bad for my gratitude list after 2 months entering this new year…. Alhamdulillah, ya Allah….


10th day of gratitude

I’m thankful that I have productive activities to fill my day.

I’m thankful I have my personal working style that may not be immediately appreciated by people, but I know that people need people with my working style.

I’m thankful that I have opportunities to know and meet new people that offers new solutions that would continue widen my horizon.

I’m thankful I have a super duper cute and sweet son and an energized, responsible and sweet daughter.

I’m thankful that I can notice and appreciate those things above. :*)

9th day of gratitude

Today I’m grateful of having good friends in my life. It’s great to know that I have friends that I can discuss things with. Of course, not every friend can be my discussion friend for every subject. But it’s good to know and realize that I have friends for different discussion topics, different occasions to fill.

Today, I realized that and thank God I am able to appreciate it. Cause lately I haven’t been too energized to have a chat. Usually, I could just jabber around about my day, my kids, my mom, my history, my other friend, even my husband etc. And in most occasion, I unconsciously seek for a chat material and turns out it transfers lots of energy and at the end, some times I feel like I’m such a blabber mouth, attention seeker, narcistic and those negative connotations. Could be, lately, I realized the negative impact of it and wasn’t that hyped anymore in creating chats with my usual chatting friends.

But, eventually, of course you bump in to an interesting chat. My aura in discussing actually has not been high, and my narcistic level was also not high. Surprisingly, during those chat sessions, I sensed that my discussion counter parts are more opened ( I was pessimistic they would even be interested to have discussion with me, cause usually these two people are more passive in the discussion) and more energized to even build up the discussion.

Those small chats made me realized how blessed I am with good friends, open-minded friends 🙂

8th day of gratitude

I am relieved that my sudden work follow-up last Friday is all sorted out today. So, the pace tomorrow on wards would be bearable.

I wasn’t feeling good all day and really needed an early night sleep, and thank God, I can actually doze off quite quickly. Despite of my son hovering around and trying to seek my attention, but I can doze off. Which is a good thing, because usually he would nag a lot and I would create time to entertain his wants. But this night’s different. He wasn’t nagging too much and my senses were more relaxed, so I wasn’t totally bothered and can get some snooze time 🙂

7th day of gratitude

I spent 4 hours in my husband’s big family’s halal bihalal at Play Park, Kemang. It’s always good to see my kids have fun playing outdoor and getting all wet from the water park.

I’m also grateful that we have our reliable messous in Jalan Santa. My daughter twisted her ankle, my husband and I was not feeling good ourselves. After the 30 minutes message session, arriving home, I went to sleep early and slept like a baby….

6th day of gratitude

I’m currently planning my son’s birthday party. Because his birthday is only 19 days apart with my niece, I figured it would be nice to have a two in one birthday. I’m planning to have it at my grandmom’s house which is planned to being sold. Soooo, since it’s still within the family, I’d like to seize the opportunity to create a memory for my son, that he also had a big bang birthday party at his great grandma’s house, like his sister had. And since my niece will be living in Aussie again in the next 4 years (hopefully, the house is already generating serious cash a.k.a sold), I’d also like to create the same memory for her.

I was not totally on board with planning the party because my son wants the Disney’s Special Agent Oso theme, that the party favours and giveaways relating that theme is sooo hard to find, even at the States (I have a cousin living there, who I can rely on to help me on these things). For a person who usually gets pretty much what she wants, this was a bit down turn for me. Also, my sister in law (my niece’s mom) is not keen in doing this party. Well, she didn’t want to have the party because my brother & her are allocating things for the Aussie move, but I insisted where I would finance the party, they just need to buy a cake for the birthday girl (no biggy, right?). Finally they went for it, but again, no firm direction on what she wants for my niece’s theme. (I need to figure out a way to marry the Oso and the other theme together, right?).

Last night, I got the spark on what to do on the decorating ideas etc (I forced myself in doing it, because the next morning (this morning), I have to buy the party favours). And by midnight, I’m all jazzed up again! Now, I already have layouts on what needs to be printed, what balloon colours that I need to buy, etc.

And a few days back, my in law confirmed that my niece’s theme would be Finding Nemo. Hallelujah!

I started shopping a bit late today, so I arrived at Asemka kind of late (around 10.30), usually I arrive there at 09.00.  I was a bit doubtful I would get what I need and want. I went browsing in the 1st floor, nothing really provoked my interest and none met my budget. So, I immediately went to my usual shop (I shopped there last year for my daughter’s birthday). This store ROCKS! They never failed in informing me the latest product they have and it’s always cute. The best part is, it’s exactly within my budget. Wicked, right? So, that’s done within just 15 minutes in Asemka.

I also got cheap and good quality balloons at the party supply store and I got all the Oso balloon colours and a Nemo shaped balloon.

Cake is already ordered, already booked a rent for chairs, already briefed the necessary people on what to do to help prepare the party.

Next steps are printing the invitations, thank you cards, & the decoration printable; shop for food; and actually preparing everything 1 day before the party.

Thankful, thankful, thankful that most of the check list is checked!

Wish me luck on pulling of this party, guys and gals 😉 And most importantly, hopefully all is blessed by Allah SWT. Amiin…

Ow, one more thing, I’m grateful I remembered to bring home my office modem, so I can post my blog everyday from home. Teehee….

5th day of gratitude

Definitely, the gratitude of the day is my infal nanny arrived as promised! At least I would have 1 week of peace of mind… Amiin…

I’m also grateful for the delicious dinner that I had and have been missing for quite sometime:  squid saute (a.k.a tumis cumi) including the ink. Delish!

Basic gratitude, but for necessary stuffs, peaceful heart and happy tummy 🙂 Alhamdulillah….